About Us

About KartonBar Starting its activities in packaging sector in 2000, our company began serving in paper cup and container production and distribution with KartonBar brand.

KartonBar advances taking firm and reliable steps in accordance with the demands of customers with 15 year experience. KartonBar aims at offering the service deserved by the customers in best way prioritizing the human health with paper cup and containers produced within the development of R&D studies. KartonBar adds composite (organic) biodegradable paper cup and containers to its product range as an indicator of the sensibility for environment besides paper cup and containers produced in various size and patterns to be used for hot and cold drinks.

The company aspires to make an environmentalist production with harmless and recyclable products as a company which is responsible for both society and environment. Giving priority occupational health and safety standards, KartonBar adds new varieties to its product range in accordance with the needs besides following up the technologic developments. We will be glad to deem valuable customers as a part of KartonBar family.